Saturday, August 8, 2009 is moved to a new hosting service

For the most part of last week, due to some yet-to-be-explained technical difficulties from my current hosting service, couldn't be accessed.

Now I moved the site to another hosting service. DNS change was made 6 hours ago. United States users should be able to access the new site already. For the rest of the world, it could be a little longer. Please restart Firefox, so JoyBidder can get version update alert from the new site.

However, Twitter alert doesn't work any more because of this change. A new version with the fix is being worked on and shall be released in the next several days.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Usability enhancements in JoyBidder 1.3.0

Besides performance improvement, there are many usability enhancements in JoyBidder 1.3.0. Here are some of them:

1.Use short-cut key on the item grid.

Ctrl-A select all items
Ctrl-Ccopy selected item IDs
Del delete selected items
Alt-AOpen Add Buy Item# window
Alt-F Add item(s) from browser window
F5 Reload all items in view

2. "Add Items" buttons in the toolbar

In the previous version, they are under Add Item menu. They are moved to toolbar based on users suggestion.

3. One Click Item Detail report

You can now selected the items and click the Bug Report in the context menu.
This will copy item detail information into your clipboard, then you can paste them in to the support email that you want to send.
This will make the technical support much more efficient.

4. easier to add eBay ID

In earlier version, you need to enter Shipping country/zip when adding an eBay ID. They are needed for JoyBidder to calculate the shipping cost.
In 1.3.0, you don't need to do that anymore. Shipping country defaults to the eBay registration site and can be changed later if you want to. Shipping zip is optional. It is as important as shipping country since most of the eBay items use flat shipping rate. However, if you do provide shipping zip, please make sure they are accurate, otherwise JoyBidder cannot calculate the shipping cost correctly.

5. easier to add items from browser
In the older version, Add Item From eBay View Item page and Add Item from eBay search results are two separate buttons.
In this version, the two buttons are combined as Add Item From Browser. JoyBidder will perform the right action based on which eBay page you are current at.