Sunday, February 14, 2010

JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper windows application is released

JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper windows application is released. You can download it from here.

The version of windows application starts at 1.4.0, one major version ahead of the latest version of Firefox addon. Although two different installation packages (.xpi for addon, .zip for application), application and addon are the same product with the same features (well, almost the same, read on).

The major changes from 1.4.0 from 1.3.10 is embedding a web browser into JoyBidder and opening web page in user's default web browser. It also allow adding auctions by drag-and-drop eBay urls. These features are essential for users who don't use Firefox.

Firefox users can run addon or application as their choice, although addon is recommended due to better Firefox integration and much smaller installation size. The license you purchased can be applied to both addon and application, however you can not run the addon and application at the same time on one computer, and they don't share the same data files.

Because the application installation file size is almost 7MB, my current hosting service doesn't support download file of such size, so I host the file on Microsoft Live SkyDrive. (Although I don't like IE much, I am not a Microsoft hater. I do enjoy and use lots of their products and services. And SkyDrive is among the top of the list that I will recommend to others.)

With JoyBidder eBay Auction windows application, any windows users can use the software to manage and snipe eBay auctions, regardless what browsers you use.

I am interested to know if there is a need to port the application to Mac, since lots of Mac users don't use Firefox.