Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[update] slow connectivity to our web site

If is slow to load since last night, so this is what is happening.
"The connection is broken of at a node in the middle of the network pathway (in between some Internet providers and our data center)".  
The IT guys at our hosting service is working on it. See the screen capture of the announcement from our web site admin console. The server sniping and cloud backup and restore service are still working, although it could be slower and you may need to try one or two more times get the data submitted successfully.

Only a small portion of our users are affected.

Updated May, 5th, 2014
The problem is still not yet resolved. Looks like Comcast users are affected the most.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Introduce JoyBidder Server Sniping Service

What is JoyBidder Sniping Service?

JoyBidder sniping service submits sniping bids from server, so you don’t need to keep JoyBidder Pro running on your own computer to snipe. You need both a valid JoyBidder Pro license and adequate pre-paid snipes to use the service. The service is optional. Don’t buy pre-paid snipes if you don’t plan to use this service. More info on server sniping.

The pricing of the service is following