Friday, September 30, 2011

eBay search returns irrelvant item

I wanted to get a copy of Demon Souls strategy guide, which is only included in the Demon Souls Deluxe edition. This collectible item is sold at around $85 if used. There were rare occasions where it went under $80. So I created a scheduled search for it, which will automatically search and import items to JoyBidder. Every morning, I review the new findings and add the ones that I want to buy to a batch snipe of $76 (It is little too low, but I am testing the waters here, and who knows when the luck strikes. sniping, especially batch/group sniping, is very much like fishing, luck and patience are the key).

However, this morning, I found a "Gamenboy Advance Game Shark" in my list. I thought it might be a bug from JoyBidder, but it turns out that the item is actually in the eBay search results if you search for "Demon Souls Deluxe".

See screen shot below

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