Friday, May 23, 2014

If JoyBidder auction sniper cannot login to eBay because of CAPTCHA ...

After you change eBay password, you will likely get CAPTCHA when sign in to eBay.

JoyBidder cannot login to eBay if CAPTCHA is required. If JoyBidder cannot login to eBay, you cannot add or update eBay ID in JoyBidder, add/update items and obviously cannot bid.

Usually eBay removes CAPTCHA after you successfully login and logout several times and wait for some hours, or may be 1 day or even longer.

If you cannot wait, here is a temporary workaround for JoyBidder Pro. (This also works for JoyBidder Free for Firefox Addon, but not for JoyBidder Free desktop application)
  1. DO NOT delete eBay ID from JoyBidder User Manager
  2. (Optional) Backup item list using "Backup Data" feature from Help menu so we can restore later
  3. Remove all items from JoyBidder Pro
  4. Open JoyBidder Pro build-in web browser and go to the eBay site you want to login to. (JoyBidder imports watch list from the default eBay site listed in the JoyBidder User Manager, so make sure you are login to that site)
  5. Sign out from eBay JoyBidder build-in web browser.
  6. Sign in your eBay ID in JoyBidder build-in web browser, enter CAPTCHA, and select "Stay Signed In".
  7. Enable "I am CAPTCHA'ed" option in JoyBidder User Manager. (Requires JoyBidder Pro 1.9.46 and above)
  8. Restart JoyBidder (and Firefox if using JoyBidder Firefox extension). Verify the workaround works by importing eBay watch list.
  9. If you restart JoyBidder, verify if you are still signed in the build-in web browser. If not,  repeat the steps.

Because you login to eBay successfully manually through JoyBidder build-in browser, JoyBidder won't try to and don't need to login on your behalf again. It cannot, anyway, since it won't pass the CAPTCHA process.

Now, you should be able to import watch list and bid and do what you normally with JoyBidder.

BUT, remember, this is a temporary solution, because even if you are signed in and select "Stay Signed in" in build-in web browser, eBay can still sign you out anytime it wants. Until CAPTCHA is removed and  you have successfully update your eBay ID and password in JoyBidder User Manager, JoyBidder not longer can login you in automatically.  However, until you are sure CAPTCHA is no longer required, don't go to User Manager to update your eBay account information or . If you do, you could be signed out and need to go through the above steps again. On the other hand, once CAPTCHA is removed, please disable the "I am CAPCHA'ed" option ASAP.

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